Remote & Hybrid Work

Hybrid work thrives on connectivity, engagement, and productivity. Foster social connections with Diggspace, a versatile platform for all, ensuring a cohesive company culture.
The employee experience in a hybrid & remote workplace.

Work environment has changed. It's gone hybrid and it's normal for companies to allow employees to operate from various locations, whether remote, on-site, or in the field. However, in order to succeed in the hybrid workplace, it's critical to establish connectivity, engagement, and productivity among all employees. Additionally, it's important to foster social connections and create a cohesive company culture that instills a sense of belonging. Diggspace can help accomplish this, it's a platform that can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices, inclusive even for frontline workers.

A good Hybrid Workplace should

Increase autonomy

Employees in a hybrid workplace have more autonomy and control over their work. They can choose when and where they work, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation.

Foster collaboration

A flexible digital workplace platform can provide collaboration tools that enable team members to work together efficiently. This can include shared documents, project management tools, and other resources that allow employees to collaborate on projects and share ideas.

Provide access to training and development opportunities

A digital workplace platform can offer access to virtual training and development opportunities, such as webinars or online courses, allowing employees to develop their skills and stay engaged in their work.

Promote flexibility

One of the benefits of a flexible workplace platform is the ability to provide employees with the flexibility to work in a way that best suits them. This can include flexible work hours or the ability to work from any location with an internet connection.

Support employee wellbeing

Offer access to digital resources that promote physical and mental wellbeing, like haveing posted content with virtual fitness classes, meditation sessions, and online counseling.

Solutions and Benefits

Diggspace is the perfect platform to help you foster and promote an engaged digital workplace.


Agile working​
Agile working​

Through Diggspace, tools are provided to give employees the means to respond in an agile and precise way during crises and the disruption they bring (pandemics, natural catastrophes, war…)​


Using a Modern & Digital Workplace, employees can access the contents and tools that they need to do their job (anytime & anywhere) from any device (laptop & mobile). This helps improve work-life balance by giving teams the ability to work from their preferred place of work (at home with their families or elsewhere) with minimal disruption​

No need to be in the facilities internal network or access through a VPN since it’s a native cloud solution​


A cloud platform and SaaS provided solution, adds a level of security to organizations because they are solutions natively prepared for web environment. The service provided by Diggspace comes with teams dedicated to security who will assess safety concerns to mitigate risks​

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